About Us

Here's lookin' down on the ITEBTE Ranch located smack dab in the middle of Missouri just 15 miles due South of Jefferson City.

Mini Horses

Sixteen years ago, ITEBTE Ranch started with two class B bred mares from the Little Wheel Ranch just north of the Arkansas border. Our ranch now proudly consists of 15 mares, 2 Class A studs and several yearlings and geldings which are trained to harness.

Mini Herefords

After having mini horses for a short time, it just seemed natural to add a couple of mini cows to the image of the ITEBTE Ranch. This brought several heifers and bred cows from Point of Rocks Ranch at Fort Davis, Texas. Our herd now consists of 3 herd sires, 18 bred cows and heifers and a whole passel of weanlings and yearlings from last years calf crop. Each year our calves get smaller and smaller and better and better confirmation. None in our herd are larger than frame size 0, and many are frame size 000 and 0000. The first ten years was spent getting them little. and the past 5 years developing show quality along with small frame size. 2009 saw five heifers and one bull shown in the local county fairs by 4-H and FFA members. One heifer was shown at the Missouri State Fair and held the great distinction of being the first miniature hereford to enter the show ring at Sedalia, Missouri.

Mini Buggies

The ITEBTE Ranch has once again expanded our horizons by building custom ITEBTE Mini Buggies. There are four models of mini buggies:

For those mini horse owners that need a super buggy to haul around the grandkids or who want a one-of-a-kind show buggy, look at our section of Mini Buggies.

We welcome inquiries and will gladly provide you a tour of the Ranch any time you are in the area.  Lookin' forward to hearing from you:  

Ken and Judy Willingham
12608 Clearwater Road
Russellville, Missouri 65074  

Home of IteBte Horses, IteBte Herefords and IteBte Buggies
One of the largest herds of Mini Herefords in the Central United States