Mini Horse Gallery

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16 hands high visiting with
Stockton (8 yrs), mini herd sire
Mary in harness Mary
Ken at rein pulling
metal sided phaeton buggy
Roy Roy with McKinley
Roy Roy (2 wks)
with Grandson McKinley
Judy with Ringo
Ringo (2 wks)
with Judy
lie with Judy
Steelie (2 wks)
with Judy
Calamity Jane
Calamity Jane (CJ)
with McKinley and Ronnie
CJ and Pogo
CJ and Pogo (6 wks)
Pipi in Harness
Son Brad with daughter
Emily & friend Halla
on 3-seat phaeton buggy
Pipi and Pennie
Pipi and Pennie
Mike Groose driving Pipi
Ken driving Pennie in rink